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Eat your way to GREAT health

Cause & Effect Nutrition

When I eat  _  it does  _ to my body!

This program is NOT a diet

A diet is a temporary way of life. This program IS a way to create and maintain a healthy sustainable lifestyle.
This science based program is designed to educate you on two topics per week so that you’ll understand cause and effect. When I eat this, it does that to my body. You’ll learn which foods are the best fuel and which ones are toxins.
Your weekly assignment is to implement what you’ve learned! How simple is that? By making one or two simple change per week you are going to notice massive lasting results both mentally and physically.
Too bad homework in high school didn’t have the same benefits as your assignment in this course like protecting and boosting your immune system or having more energy.
On completion of this course you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to create and follow your own nutritionally balanced menus with the exact macros and micros you’ll need to hit or sustain any goal!
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I'M READY TO MAKE SIMPLE CHANGES FOR MASSIVE RESULTS Congratulations on wanting to really know which foods are the best for longevity

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