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Next Session Starts 5/9/22 Registration begins 4/11/22

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Join the THOUSANDS who are optimizing their health with our “Get Your ‘FIT’ Together” 30 Day Program. 

Every transformation has a beginning, are you ready to start yours? 

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We designed the Get your ‘FIT’ together 30 day program to be an affordable and attainable way for you to realign your body through educational videos with supportive tools to track your progress.

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Each Tuesday at 7 pm EST you will have the opportunity to join our team of experts and specials guests for Q&A!

Join them as they share life changing pro tips on Holistic Fitness including Mindset, Nutrition & Movement. 

No more calorie counting or starving.  We take all of the guesswork out of losing and maintaining weight by relying on science.  Get ready to burn calories and belly fat. 

With our step by step done for you menu plans and 40 minute workouts adjustable to suit your fitness level you’ll be on your way to SUCCESS!

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Strength training is imperative for building and maintaining healthy muscles and bones.

Gone are the days of needing specialty equipment. The cavemen didn’t need them and neither do you. No space, No Equipment, No Problem. 

BONUS: Virtual Workouts are like taking your gym and trainer with you everywhere!  Vacation, Work Travel, Weekend Getaway…No longer an excuse!

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MEET YOUR COACHES Changing peoples lives through SCIENCE...It's what we do!


Toni is a world renowned behavioral specialists, motivational speaker and personal development coach.  She has been a keynote speaker for Tony Robbins and for six season was the mindset coach working with the winners on ‘THE BIGGEST LOSER’. 

This is your opportunity work with Toni directly to ensure your success!

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Movement Specialists and Nutritionist Crystal is on a mission for movement!  She works alongside physical therapists developing programs that keep you pain free and getting strong.  

She is an expert in movement patterns enhancing your longevity. She’ll be by your side and supporting you during your 30 days and beyond. 

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This fearless 50 year old has helped THOUSANDS of people lose weight to regain and maintain their health.  A Nutritionist and Movement Specialists with 25+ years experience, Pearla is looking forward to working with YOU!

She developed the ‘DONE for U’ nutrition plan that you’ll receive during this 30 day transformation and is available for Q&A and support throughout your journey. 

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What are you waiting for?  

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This 30 day program will provide you with everything you need to get your ‘FIT’ together!

Eat your way to great health!

In this 5 Week Online Course you’ll learn the cause and effect of food. When I eat _ it does _ to my body.  Learn to eat  your way to great health!